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Rowena's Key- The Golden Key Chronicles by AJ Nuest

The key would unlock his future and the safety of his kingdom, but he never imagined the sorceress would unlock his heart…

Antiques restorer, Rowena Lindstrom, finds herself the owner of an ancestral armoire containing a hidden key and a magic mirror leading to another realm!

But the handsome warrior prince waiting on the other side is truly the final straw. This must be an elaborate joke, right? As she struggles to discover the truth, Rowena learns Prince Caedmon Austiere needs the key to save his kingdom. In the end, she cannot deny him anything. Including her heart
I was given this in exchange for an honest review, so here it is. I loved it.. It isn't my normal read, but I fell right into it quickly. Rowena and Caedmon fell quickly for one another and the three nights of sitting up and learning to trust one another especially coming from different realms was the best. But the Yeah, not gonna spoil it. Just need to read it.  Oh, yeah, there is a cliffhanger at the end of this book, but it is totally worth it...I am reading Candra's freedom right now and it is awesome, on the edge of my seat right now!!!!

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“Never stay, Lacey. Promise me. Promise right now, that whenever things go bad in life, you will run. Never, ever stay.”

Lacey Monroe was used to running. When things got bad, when things got dangerous, when there was a chance that she would get hurt – physically or emotionally – she did what her momma said. She ran. She kept running, until she landed in Salt Rock, Alabama. She meets Roam Cooper, the Vice President of the Mayhem Motorcycle Club and for the first time in her life, Lacey considers staying…and then, right before her eyes, her world falls apart. And she runs again.

“No more runnin’, Lacey. ‘Bout time you started fighting to stay.” – Roam.

**This is a stand-alone, full length novel with a happy ever after**

Lori's Review:  I received this incredible book as an ARC in exchange for an honest review. Well, honestly, I fell in love with this book from the first chapter. Roam, oh Roam-swooning still over him. Lacey was handed a shitty hand while she was growing up from having an abusive father that verbally abused her and physically and verbally abused her mother in front of her. All Lacey knew was to run and run far away. But when she moves in with her best friend Jenn, she falling in love with Roam, even before she realizes it. And Roam loves her. But when things get misunderstood, Lacey runs and this time it's just not her that she's gonna hurt, it's gonna be the two most loved people in her life, Roam and Lola, their little girl. I was so mad at Lacey for never confronting Roam what she finds out to see if it's true. She took so many years away from both of them and Jasper too. I don't like to write reviews that spoil too much, so let me end by saying I love the ending of this book and love Roam even more!!!!!! Great read!!!!!



Kasey Millstead lives a quiet life in country New South Wales, Australia, with her husband and their four young children. She enjoys baking, singing (ridiculously out of tune) & spending time with friends and family. Kasey has always harboured a deep love for reading and writing, and she is now lucky enough to be living her dream of being an Author.










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A Must Read! I stayed up all night too finish both books!

OMG! I could not get enough of this series!  The constant turmoil, waiting to see who would win Mira's Heart. I finished book one and went right to Amazon to get book 2 because I couldn't stand to wait to see the outcome!  Best ever series by far that I have read in a long time!

Mirage: Book 1
Mira and Kylee meet Danny and Skylar during freshmen orientation, their first week of college. Two sets of best friends embark on a new adventure together, forming life long bonds. Mira and Danny are looking forward to their future as husband and wife.
Everything is going according to plan, until tragedy strikes them on graduation night leaving three broken people to pick up the pieces. Skylar has always stood in the background, watching his best friend begin a life with the woman he’s always been in love with until he can no longer keep a distance.
Right when Mira thinks her life is back on track it spirals out of control. What if everything you thought you knew was nothing more than a mirage?

Awakening: Book 2
Mira’s broken and battered. She’s fighting to put herself back together while her heart is trying to forget. Can she continue moving forward with one man while in love with another?

Skylar’s wrestling demons he never imagined in his wildest dreams. The girl he’s been in love with for years finally has feelings for him. There’s only one problem: her heart might lie somewhere else. How long until his will power shatters?

Who will seize Mira’s heart and never let go? Will these feelings ever go away or will they be an AWAKENING?

**Recommended for mature audiences only**

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Beautiful Mess by Jennifer Preston

Ambria Donnelly thought she had everything all figured out. A senior in high school, she knows exactly what she wants out of life and where she is going. After her last boyfriend broke her heart, Bri swore off boys and dating, instead focusing on school, and dance, and getting into Stanford like she’d always dreamed. Until a chance meeting at the beach pushes her resolve, and threatens to unravel all her carefully made plans.

Cole Marra had never really thought much about the future. He’d always had his dad, or his friends, there to make those kinds of decisions for him. He isn’t even sure who he is, let alone what he wants. Until the day Bri walks into his life and changes everything. Suddenly his future, which was uncertain at best, begins to take shape as he finally decides what he wants out of life. And now that he’s found it, he won’t let her go.

But when Bri finds out that Cole isn’t exactly who she thought he was, everything between them falls apart. Now, Cole has to decide how hard he’s willing to fight for what he wants. Bri has to decide if she’s willing to open herself up and risk her heart again. They both must work to overcome their own issues, and decide if it’s worth taking a chance on love.

Or, will the walls and defenses keeping them apart be too much to overcome? 

This was a great story of young love and raw emotions that kept me wanting more all the way to the end of the book!  Bri and cole both have deep seeded fears that keep getting in the way on their relationship. Would love to see a second book to find out what happened to them!  Great read, make it one to add to your TBR list!!!!

Beautiful Mess by

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After a horrific breakup with her long-time boyfriend, Brooklyn Caldwell is completely disenchanted with the notion of mingling with the opposite sex. Damon Williams had been everything she thought she wanted…until he wasn’t.


In an attempt to escape her heartbreaking past, Brooklyn seeks refuge in bustling Washington DC where she folds into the fast paced society unnoticed…until she meets a young entrepreneur, Logan Colton.


Brooklyn is surprised to find that while she has been successful in keeping the opposite sex at bay, somehow she is defenseless against Logan’s confidence and charm—and it doesn’t hurt that he is absurdly beautiful. While thrilled with Logan’s candor, Brooklyn hesitates, as she can’t seem to move past the heartache that she suffered at the hands of Damon.


As much as Logan didn’t plan on pursuing her, he is drawn to Brooklyn’s muted beauty and her witty persona. For all his success, Logan is ensnared in the coveted world of unequivocal wealth and power, but behind closed doors is taunted by demons and an undeniable need to atone for a monumental mistake.


As the two embark on a tumultuous obstacle course saturated with unknown twists and turns, Brooklyn is left to question whether she can endure the journey ahead.


Excerpt 1

“I didn’t usually second-guess sharing things with her, but for some reason I just didn’t feel like rehashing my sordid past. I was determined to maintain a brave face for everyone else’s benefit, no matter what the cost. I never wanted to portray myself as the weak woman who needed a man. But for all my boastful pontificating, I still suffered with the reality of our breakup silently. Alex was my nearest and dearest friend, but the reality was that she had never experienced the heartache I went through.”- Brooklyn Caldwell


Excerpt 2

“Logan Colton wanted me to call him? Why? I wondered ….For the life of me I couldn’t understand the cruel joke that the universe was playing on me. I wasn’t the pretty or popular girl that got asked out by legions of boys to prom. I still remembered the awkward years of my youth—the braces, obscene hairdos and neon tights. Nope, I wasn’t Paula Patton beautiful. I wasn’t on any millionaire’s long list of friends—nor did I want to be. Logan would just have to settle for one of the women who would be more than willing to sink her teeth into his obscene fortune, guaranteeing that she wouldn’t have to lift a finger for the rest of her natural life.”- Brooklyn Caldwell

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SIX60: SIX60
Some of S.C. Ellington’s Favorite Things
Author’s Favorite Bad Boy:
Travis Maddox
Author’s Favorite Movies:
Love & Basketball
The Notebook
Author’s Favorite Songs:
Way too many to name!
Interview with S.C. Ellington:
Have you always wanted to be a writer?  
 Yes and no. I always enjoyed using my creativity. I found pleas-ure in writing short poems and things of that nature. For a while I considered medical school, then law school, but for me, those professions were more of a means to earn a substantial living. My father always told me to choose a profession that I didn’t feel like would be "work." I ended up doing the opposite and pursued my Masters degree. From that point, I acquired a position within the government.
 Over the course of the last few years, I found myself yearning for more. I would say that the day my husband brought me my Kindle, was the day that my life and outlook changed. I started thinking back on my father’s words and what I found joy in. I’ve always been an avid reader, and many close friends always told me that they thought I wrote well. About a year ago, a tiny light bulb went off, propelling me to pursue my creative pas-sion for writing. Had it not been for the ever evolving world of self-publishing, I am not sure that I would have ever seriously pursued my dreams of becoming a published author.
 Have you ever suffered from "writers block"?
I had a few cases of this dreadful disease! I found that by leaving my work alone for a few days, ideas were able to flourish when I didn’t put myself under pressure to spit out words.
 Best advice for anyone starting out writing?
Well as a budding author myself, I can’t stress enough the importance of networking. When I first approached the idea of writing a novel, I was mortified by the idea of social networking and meeting people face to face. Luckily I was able to meet a few great people early on who showed me the ropes of the author world. I think my exposure to them has made my author experience richer.
Is it harder to write a male or female character?
It is most definitely harder for me to write male characters. As a woman, it is so much easier for me to tune into what most women desire, complain about, or fear. Thankfully, my husband has been supportive and allows me to pick his brain to get male points of view.
 What scenes are the hardest for you to write?
Oddly enough, as a new adult romance author, the hardest scenes for me to pull together are the actual love scenes. I struggle with the syntax of my word choice, where to stage the characters, and above all, keeping the scenes fiery.
f you could see the world through the eyes of one of your characters, which one would it be and why?
I would have to say I would like to experience the world through Logan’s eyes. Logan has had to deal with some hard blows. While everyone deals with adversity at some point, it would be nice to experience how he strives to move past it on a daily basis.
How do you know if your work is a short story or a novel in the making? What triggers that decision?
On some level, the characters speak to you. I find if they have a lot to say, then I continue to write. If they’ve, yelled, screamed, and made up in twenty pages, then I know they were only meant to be around for a season or two.
If you could bring one of your characters to life, who would you choose and why?
I would choose Brooklyn. Like Logan, Brooklyn has also dealt with tumultuous ups and downs in her life. Brooklyn has a fire about her, and I enjoy that. To see some of her crazy comments played out in real life would be comical.
Do your fans have any impact on your writing?
Certainly! As a budding author, you’re eager to hear what readers think of characters and the overall story line. What they liked and didn’t like and so forth. Since Unsettled is the first novel of a series, I would embrace things that my readers had to say to keep the thrill of the story going.
What is the best compliment you have received as an author?
The best compliment thus far was from a reader who messaged me and cried, "I was sad to see the story end."
If you had the chance to go on a date with one of your characters, who would it be?
I would love to hang out with Damon for a couple hours. Get some insight into what he was thinking! I don’t think I could be his Mystic though!
What lies in your near future as an author?
I hope to pursue writing as a full-time career at some point. In the meantime, I look forward to interacting with my fans and continuing Logan and Brooklyn’s story.


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Jo-Anna Walker "A Heart Story"

I'm a new self published author who just got introduced to the writing world early 2013. My aunt suggested that I write a story because I'm an avid reader but I waved it off and left it alone. Well this year, a story came to me and I went with it. It took me a little bit but I finally got a story idea that worked and now I can't stop or control the characters/stories that keep popping up in my head.
I'm born and raised in Canada and I live with my very wonderful and supportive husband, Michael. We don't have any children (yet) unless you count our cat. My hubby been my rock through this whole new experience for me. I couldn't have done it without him and my friends and family.
One of the many things I love about this new chapter in my life is that I'm learning constantly. It's never a dull moment and as long as one person likes my story, I am happy.
***Note from the author: Due to the mature content and subject of abuse, this book is not intended for younger audiences***

Jesse Dawson is a typical seventeen year old girl. She goes to school, gets good grades, and like any other kid, just wants to fit in, blend in and survive high school.
She doesn’t talk about all the crap she has to deal with. Her mom in the hospital and a step-dad from hell.
Rave Black sweeps into her life in the middle of the school year. He’s a dark loner. The quiet kid, and fascinates Jesse. She should stay away from him, but a budding friendship slips into a bond neither of them can deny.
Rumors spread even as they share their secrets with each other.
Can Rave help Jesse learn to open up and trust, or will his personal demons consume them both? 

I read  entire series this weekend! Have to say that I loved the raw emotions of both Rave and Jessie, all the books were well written and kept you wanting more of their stories! Wondering if maybe we might see a couple new books about the supporting characters Ren and Emilia! Awesome read and would recommend!

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Always Beautiful!

Always Beautiful by M.K. Oien
 Release Date: December 10, 2013

 My name is Lucille Marie Harris, but everyone calls me Lucky.
 My life was planned out by me, for me. I wanted nothing more than to finish school and have my dream job. I let nothing or no one stand in the way of that. That is until I met Zeppelin Rhoades. He had a way of changing me; turning my world upside down and making me feel reckless.
 This is the tale of a summer romance that changes the course of two people’s lives forever.
 You think you know how this story ends, but you have no idea. It isn’t always about where we end up. It’s about how we get there.
 One person can change your life forever. Zeppelin Rhoades changed mine.

Midnight Ink Boxed Set!

The USA Today and NYT bestselling authors behind the Midnight Ink has their boxed set on sale for just $2.99 (original price is $5.99)

Around New Year's, one tattoo shop in one infamous city sets the stage for 8 ALL NEW stories about resolutions, kink, love and ink. Get ready to let the good times roll!

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New Book by Lauren Jameson! "Breathe"


Lauren Jameson's new book, Breathe, is finally available (just out of pre-order in fact)

BREATHE by #LaurenJameson
Two people learn what it really means to give up control in the sizzling new novel from the bestselling author of Blush and Surrender to Temptation...

Barnes & Noble:

Thank you so much. She'd also like to thank you personally so let me know when the post is up so I can share it with her. 😊


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No Turning Back Blog Tour

No Turning Back (Full Circle #1) – YA/NA
After getting involved with Dylan, the bad boy of the Dixon High Swim team, Charley decides to stay close to home for college. It’s just safer that way. Later, she realizes it’s a mistakejust like dating Dylan. She decides to put the past behind her and leave the small hick town of Grassy Pond. There is only one problem; she makes this decision threeweeks before the fall semester begins.
Charley packs up her Honda and heads to Southern College. On the morning she’s about to leave, Cash walks back into her life. He has been her best friend since they were fourand is the only one who knows the REAL Charley. She leaves her farm in Grassy Pond with all kinds of “what if” questions.
Charley decides to live her college career to the fullest. She finds a great group of friends, joins the swim team, and meets a guy named Joe. He’s got eyes that make ya wanna melt!
At college, she encounters a new problem. Charley has been away from home for onlyforty-eight hours before she breaks the two promises she made to herself. Will she be able to overcome her past? Find new love? What will happen with Cash now that he is back in her life? Will she find what she is wanting in Jackalope Joe? How will her first semester of college end? Joe, Cash, or alone?

Book Trailer Video:
<iframe width="640" height="480" src="//"frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Excerpt #1:

As we make our way to the door, Georgia slips on the gravel.  She starts laughing and the rest of us do as well once we help her up.  

“Y’all, I think the ground and curbs are out to get me.  I mean they come out of nowhere.  The next thing I know, I’m on my ass again!”  Georgia is a hoot.  She always makes light of situations.

Hank’s Tavern is not exactly what I pictured.  It’s an old, worn down, wooden shed.  There are five parking spaces in front of the restaurant section of the place.  The rest of the parking is located across the road in a gravel lot.  It’s gravel, no pavement anywhere.  The bouncers are dressed in jeans and Hank’s Tavern t-shirts that fit just a little snug around their arms showing off their muscles.  They ask for our IDs, take a brief glance, and in we go.  I will have to say, the guys don’t get in quite as easy.  They get patted down and driver’s license checked.  Sometimes it pays to be a female.

We enter through another set of glass doors and immediately cigarette smoke and stale beer hit my nostrils.  The room is open except for a few pool tables and the bar.  It is dark, lights are flashing, and the music is bumping.  We do exactly what any group of girls would do, walk straight to the restroom.  You have got to kidding me!  No door really!  There is no freakin’ door on the last stall.  After taking a few minutes to get over the negative stall door and freshen up, we walk out and head straight to the dance floor.

I have to say that this is exactly redneck meets ghetto fabulous.  Whoever thought a place like this would play Mystikal, Dr. Dre, Lil Wayne, throw in a little “Downtown” by Lady A and Old Crow Medicine Show?  We have the best time just dancing in a big group.  I notice Crystal and Lucas on the floor; she smiles and waves before continuing to do things she should be embarrassed to be doing in public.  I am so thankful that I don’t have to deal with that in my room.  That is one benefit to her dating a Resident Assistant… he has his own room.

By midnight, Hank’s is packed.  I decide to grab a bottle of water, and as I’m about to pay, I hear that oh so sexy voice.

“I got that.”

“It’s okay, Joe.  I got it.”

“No, I insist.  I was an ass earlier.  I didn’t mean to make you feel bad.  It’s the least I can do.”

“Damn straight!  I’m proud of who I am and where I’m from.  I just hate when damn Yankees come down here and then try to make us look like hicks.  You don’t like the way we live, then don’t cross the Mason-Dixon,” I say as playful as possible.  It did tick me off earlier, but I don’t want him to think I’m a bitch.

“I swear I won’t do it again, and nobody is gonna pick on you eating squirrel but me,” he says with a smile.

“Okay, I’ll give ya that.”

“So Squirrel, you wanna dance?”

“Mr. Scaredy Cat, I’d love to.”  He takes the water bottle from me and leads me to the dance floor.

Excerpt #2:

“So, does anyone know how dressed up people get for this dance?”  I ask.  “I mean I know it’s more formal than Hank’s or a club. I don’t think it’s church attire, or is it like a mini prom?”

Anna gives us the details she has researched, “Okay, it’s like a mini prom, but you gottabe careful.  You don’t want to look like you tried too hard or spent too much money. Oh, and for tonight... I got us a ride.”

We all stop and look at her like what do you mean you got us a ride?

“What?! I’m doing my job here.  I know none of us want to DD, so I found us one with a minivan!”

“Shut up, no you didn’t!”  Tori laughs.

“Oh yeah, the Love Machine, it has a name.”

“You’re serious aren’t you?”  I ask.

“Yeah, well you know I’m not an athlete and I found a few others that aren’t as well.  What’s that girl on your team with the friend that is freakin’ hilarious and always has something smart ass to say?”

“Uh, you mean Sarah and her friend is Hayden,” Tori says.

“Yeah, it’s Hayden’s van.”

“Well, that makes me feel a little bit better, but who’s driving ‘cause I know it’s not Hayden.  She drinks like a fish!” Caroline states.

Excerpt #3:

Hey, Char, while Cash ain’t in here.  Where the hell am I staying tonight?  I mean, I don’t want to intrude on y’all.”

“Piper, you can stay in there because you know as well as I do nothing is going to happen.”  She looks at me like whatever.  

About that time Cash opens the truck door and climbs in.  We make our way to campus, up the stoop, and into Kluft.  I am exhausted and need a shower to recoup before Hank’s tonight.  As we reach the top step, I can hear Caroline, Tori, Georgia, Jenny, Anna, and Cassie in hall.  They are singing to “Thrift Shop”blaring over the radio and dancing like fools in the hallway.

Cash glances at me, “Oh lawd, what have I got myself into?”  I just shrug my shoulders and pull him down the hall.  All the girls take their turn putting moves on him, and of course, Anna has something to say.  “Hey, Cowboy, I ain’t ever rode a cowboy before.”  With a wink Cash answers back, “Sorry, Sweetheart, but I ain’t a cowboy.  I’m a homegrown country boy that only has eyes for one little lady,” as he stares into my blue eyes.

Excerpt #4:

Hey, let’s hit the dance floor.”  I take Caroline’s arm while the rest of the Kluft girls follow us, and we hit the make shift dance floor in the living room.  They are playingMobb Deep’s “Quiet Storm.”  It’s old, but I love the beat.  We hit the middle of the floor and start swaying our hips to the music.  We giggle like school girls as we notice the guys in the room taking note.  A few others join us, Crystal and Lucas included.

“If they’re watchin’, let’s show them how we Southern girls have a good time,” I say to Caroline.

“You got it!”

We add just a little more emphasis to our hips and start dancing with each other.  Before I know it, the song is over, and we walk back to the kitchen to grab another drink.  

“Caroline, I’m so glad Crystal got me to come with y’all tonight.  I’m not big on partying, but it looks like I might have to change that thought if we have this much fun!”

“Girl, anytime!  I can tell already that Georgia and us are gonna be tight because we are a lot alike.  Only thing is she’s super quiet.  We are from ‘round here.  Most of the students here are Yankees.  Not that it’s a bad thing.  They just piss me off when they make us seem stupid by the way we talk.  I mean they chose to come to school here.”

“I understand you completely!  But aren’t those Yankees too damn cute?  I love me a country boy, but I might have to widen my horizons.”

I’m about to pour myself another round when I hear the sexiest voice known to women.  I look up and there is Jackalope Joe.  If his voice does that to me, I can only imagine what will happen if those perfect lips touch mine.

“Let me get that for you.”

“Thanks, Joe? Joe is your name, right?”  Play dumb Charley.

“Yeah, and you’re Cougar Charley.”  We both laugh.

“You know all I want to call you is Jackalope Joe,” I say with a half smile.

I think I might fall out looking into those make ya wanna melt, piercing blue eyes.  Keep it together, Charley. I’ve gotta keep in control. Good lookin’ or not, guys are like a bad habit I can’t break.  The last time I got involved with someone that could make panties drop by just lookin’ at me almost ended my life.  I have to stay in control, no matter what my emotions are screaming at me.

“Miss Cougar, ya wanna try out the dance floor? Joe smirks.  This is not good.

“Sure, see if ya can keep up.”  I smile.

Excerpt #5:

“I know.  I don’t know what I’m going to do without y’all for a month!”  Georgia exclaims.

“I could care less about exams.  I’m just ready for Study Day!”  Caroline squeals.  Why the hell is she so excited about Study Day?  You study all damn day!  “It’s only the biggest party day of the year at Southern.  Y’all thought Homecoming was epic.  Y’allaint seen nothing yet!”

“Explain.” Tori states.

“Well, undoubtedly on Wednesday at noon the campus goes to quiet hours to study for exams.  No class, practice, or anything.  Pretty much people put off studying until Thursday afternoon, and spend Wednesday partying like it’s 1999 or something!”

We all look at each other, and know that it’s legit because somehow Caroline always is in the know.  

Anna speaks up, “So, if Hank’s isn’t open, where does everyone go?”

Caroline gets up and walks over to her wall and points to the number eighty-eight sticker on the wall.  “That’s easy, Whiskey River!”

“What’s that got to do with racing?”  Anna asks.  Georgia, Caroline, Tori and I look at each other like she has got to be kidding.

“Anna, hunny, bless your heart,” I speak compassionately.  “Dale Jr. owns Whiskey River.”

Awwwwwww.  I don’t know anything about racing.”  

“We know,” we all say in unison.

Author Bio:

Casey Peeler grew up and still lives in North Carolina with her husband and daughter. Her first passion is teaching students with special needs. Over the years, she found her way to relax was in a good book.
After reading Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neal Hurston her senior year of high school and multiple Nicholas Sparks novels, she found a hidden love and appreciation for reading.
Casey is an avid reader, blogger (Hardcover Therapy,) and now author.  No Turning Back(Full Circle #1) is her debut novel releasing September 30th.   Finding Charley (Full Circle #2) will release spring 2014.
Her goal is to one day be an author who is recognized nationwide like Jamie McGuire, Colleen Hoover, Tiffany King, and Amanda Bennett.
When Casey isn’t reading, you can find her listening to country music, spending the day at the lake, being a wife and dance mom, and spending time with friends and family.
Her perfect day consists of water, sand between her toes, a cold beverage, and a great book!
More about Casey Peeler