Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Somebody Worth It by Nickie Seidler

5+ stars

This is Book 1 in the For Me Series.

Millie has struggled over the years to keep the spark alive in her relationship. Starting at a young age her life has been a series of trials and tribulations, and it’s only getting more complicated. She’s followed stepping stones that she wasn't always sure were leading her in the right direction, causing her to wonder if she is on the right path.

Her husband, Brian, loves her dearly, but has a poor way of showing it. Stress easily beats him down, and his own protective nature seems to fight against him. He’s shutting down, virtually ignoring and alienating the people around him when they need him the most.

Millie lost her job and they’re about to lose the house. On the verge of losing it all, she questions everything. Where did it all go wrong? How did they get to this point? However, the answers could be more unsettling than anticipated.

Hearts will be broken when long held secrets are revealed. Is a chance at happiness worth the destruction it leaves in its wake? Is it worth the risk? Worth the pain for everyone involved? Worth the effort? Is she somebody worth it?
Lori's 5+ Star review
Um, what do I say about this book? First of all thank you Nickie for allowing me to read and review this book. Second, this is the second book where I want to strangle the female in the story. My heart is breaking for Brian in so many ways. Millie needs to be smacked up side the head. I can't spoil this book for others so I can't write what I really feel, but it is anger and hurt towards Millie. How could she do what she did? And Dean, really, I thought u were gonna take things slow? And the last paragraph, WTF!!!!!!! I knew from the start this was a series, but really Nickie, to end book one there UGH!!!! Please hurry with book 2
I REALLY REALLY want to add more to my review with my feelings and such, but I just don't like to put any spoilers in my reviews because I feel if someone really wants to read a book, they don't deserve to have any of the book, let alone the best parts spoiled. Just know that my heart is still with Brian and I hope in book two there is more of his feelings and how he is dealing with all of this.  Well, then there's Dean and what happens at the end of the book, I don't know what he will be feeling anymore.
Love ya Nickie and can't wait for book #2 in the For Me series!!!


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