Monday, November 17, 2014

One moment was all it took for my entire life to shatter.
One moment.
I had everything . . . and then, I had nothing.
When all you’re left with are the pieces of your broken heart, there’s nothing you can do, except try to rebuild. So, that’s what I did.

One moment was all it took for me to feel the first flutter of hope I’d had in a long time.
One moment.
He barrelled into my life, covered in tattoos and surrounded by an aura that enraptured me, determined to be the glue that held every broken piece of me together.
I wanted to push him away, because I was scared to lose anyone else I loved.
But, I wanted to hold him close because without him, my life was empty.

While each story in the Down Under Cowboy series can be read as a standalone, the author strongly encourages they be read in order.

Reading Order

Cowboy Town (Edie & Jackson) - Available Now!
Sky Cowboy (Ava & Jeremy) - Available Now!
Cowboy Dreams (Jules & Clay) - Available Now!
Tatted Cowboy (Laura & Luke) - Releasing 17 November
Rogue Cowboy (Sienna & Zeke) Coming Soon! (less)

Lori's 5+ Star review

I was privileged to be given Tatted Cowboy as an ARC, so first of all, thank you Kasey!!!!
this was my second book of Kasey's to read and while I haven't yet read the first 3 books in the series-since they are standalones, but should be read in order, I didn't have the time to read three more books before needing to read and review this one, so I will be reading out of order, lol.  My heart broke for Laura in the beginning of the book. I have 4 kids and also a pool and my worst fear is finding them in it unsupervised or worse. And to have your spouse blame you every second of every day when you are already so filled with guilt and blame would "kill" anyone's soul.  When Laura's parents suggest she move away from their town and back to where she grew up as a child, was her saving grace.  And bumping into Luke was fate!!! 

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