Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Being a part of the Reid family, Delaney Grace Reid has seen her share of dreams come true. Her grandmother began the fairy tale and most recently, her cousin Jake found his true love and married her in a picturesque wedding on the Fourth of July.
Delaney has always been a realistic dreamer. She knew from an early age that Donovan Taylor was the only man she wanted to marry and never wavered in her twenty-two years of life. Not much different from her favorite fictional heroine, Cinderella, her initial “courtship” with Donovan paralleled Cinderella’s relationship with the wicked step-sisters and wicked step-mother, combined. Also like Cinderella, she looked upon each day with a smile and hoped that he’d notice her and become her prince one day. Even with the help of “Jaq,” “Gus,” and “Bruno,” (namely, Jake, Emily, and the Reid family), Donovan never actualizes his feelings for Delaney, and at the end of their ball, she reluctantly chooses to look elsewhere for her prince.
At last the glass slipper is found, and Donovan comes to realize what’s been lost and chases after our princess in no less a fairy tale-fashion. He courts her through Europe and proves to her that a “dream is a wish your heart makes,” and that he will make all her dreams come true. Should Delaney believe in this dream come true or should she beware of enemies lurking, attempting to squash her final hope?
Unlikely Attraction is for the young at heart who wished upon a star, once upon a time. It will make your heart feel like it’s falling in love for the very first time, and when not feeling giddy with joy, tears of heartache will flow. This book is for lovers and dreamers who know that their prince will come no matter the obstacle before them. For princesses who believe that their glass slipper is half-full, this is the story for you. Half-empty princesses need not download.

My Review:
I just finished this story yesterday morning. What can I say about it? It's truly a fairytale HEA, with A LOT of work put into it.  Delaney Reid has been in "love" with Donovan Taylor since she was 10 years old, when he came to her house with Delaney's (much) older cousin Jake. Delaney knew it was love at first site and that she would marry Donovan Taylor one day. But of course, with 10 years age difference, Donovan just thought of her as a cute "little" sister. As the years go by and Delaney grows up, her love for Donovan just grows, and he is still oblivious to it all. Until she moves away to London for a year. Donovan cannot get her off his mind, does everything he can to make her realize that he has finally come to the fact he is in love with her. But Delaney doesn't let him off that easy. As soon as she gets off the plane in London, she meets Michael and his sister Ruby & they all hit if off immediately. Michael wants Delaney to be his girl, but she is not ready to let go of Donovan and tells Michael so and that she may never be able to let him go. When Donovan realizes that he may lose Delaney to another man, he steps up his "game" to claim her for himself.

Not wanting to give much away, I just have to end with:
I loved Delaney's Wedding present to Donovan!!!!! Perfect! The wedding gifts from the ladies was a hoot!  
Delaney and Donovan's story was "cute", "frustrating", "happy" "sad" and most of all a wonderful fairy tale ending for Delaney (& Donovan too)!

 I cannot wait for Donovan's side of the story. I love hearing both sides. And now that DW has said she will blog the beginnings of Nick & Bee's story, we will have more Reiding in the near future.

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