Thursday, April 24, 2014

Revealed By You by Jo-Anna Walker

Lori's 5+ Star review
The sharp edge of love…

Brett MacLean was possessive. Even more since I became his. He was my desire…my ultimate pleasure…he was mine.

As each day passed, he revealed a part of himself that had lain dormant. A broken childhood. A troubled man. One I was determined to help.

After months together, I thought I knew him. But soon realized I was wrong. His dark secrets were only the beginning. The past was more disturbing than I ever could have fathomed.

His deep seeded need for me came with a price that could have consequences. I needed him just as much. Because of this, we would be tested. My greatest fear was that it would take us beyond the limits of our love.

5 stars isn't enough for this book!!! Brett has become my #1 dom/ alpha male (sorry CG) the things he does with Evvie, OMG. Just picturing them in my mind as I read made me wet my panties(more than once-LOL)(and I am trying to get my hubby to try some of the things Brett and Evvie do--hmmm) And why can't everyone leave them the hell alone and let them be happy. I wanted to punch Claire and his mother in the freaking face! I am not one to leave spoilers, as I don't like reading them myself, so just know that this Trilogy is a freaking HOT STEAMY Mess of a great series!!!!! GO ONE CLICK RIGHT NOW!!!!!


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