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my 5+ star review of Deeper A Bad Blooded Rebel Novel By Mellie George.

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Lori's 5+ star review

           If I didn't already LOVE Bad Blooded Rebels from Ryder and Evie's story, or from Beau & Danni's story, I certainly would LOVE them now with Kris and Jessie's story. I love how Kris was the one to stick up for her when he was in 2nd grade and she was the new kid in kindergarten. And that all 5 of them became best of friends. They both grew up in crappy homes with crappy parents. As the years went on they became even closer friends. Who wouldn't fall in love with Kris for the way he was so caring and protective of Jessie. I love how the story starts in the present and then goes back to the beginning and all throughout their lives and how their relationship starts. This book had my laughing, crying, screaming, crying some more and so full of love. My heart broke as well. I'm looking forward to Jude and Sadie's story!!! I am in love with Bad Blooded Rebels!!!!

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*MATURE CONTENT-18+READERS ONLY* Every Bad Blooded Rebel fan knows that drummer Kris Engle has been madly in love with Jessie Monroe for years. What most don't know is that their road to happiness and impending parenthood was full of heartache and despair... Jessie Monroe had loved Kris Engle since the first time she saw him playing with his friends Ryder, Beau, and Jude when she was just five years old. After he'd stepped in and saved her from bullies on her first day of kindergarten, they quickly struck up a friendship and were inseparable from then on. Having both been raised in abusive homes, Kris was always Jessie's escape from her nightmare of a mother. Kris Engle had loved Jessie Monroe as a friend since he was seven years old, but after a simple brush of the hips backstage at one of Bad Blooded Rebel's concerts everything changed. In an instant his entire world shifted off its axis and he suddenly found himself craving more than friendship from her. They instantly fall into a romantic relationship and things just seem to fall into place...until fate made their lives take a sharp left turn. For the first time, go back and know what really happened in the early days of the band, the first moments in their relationship, and the tragic event that tore their lives completely apart. True love can conquer all, but no one ever said the fight was easy. THIS IS NOT A STAND ALONE NOVEL! YOU MUST READ BAD BLOODED REBEL: A ROCK & ROLL NOVELLA SERIES (BOOK 1) AND RECKLESS REDEMPTION: A BAD BLOODED REBEL NOVEL (BOOK 2) FIRST!
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About the Author:

I currently reside in Indiana and I am a wife, mother of 3, a hairstylist, and now, published author! I love to write, and I hope my book is the first of many!




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