Thursday, February 5, 2015

Title: Ella's Love
Author: Jasmine Lee
Genre: Contemporary
Release Date: February 4, 2015
Cover Design: Sheri McGathy
Models: TJ (Front) & Donna Jo Petty-Kitchens (Back)
Photographers: Amber & Tabitha Patterson
A chance meeting years ago.
Another chance meeting one night followed by a passionate kiss.
A final chance meeting in an ER.
Followed by the most horrible first date ever.
That might just be the best first date ever.
Newly divorced Marcus, Lead singer of a Heavy Metal band.
Never dreamed he’d find love ever again.
Single mom Ella, knows she may never have her own HEA.
Not when she has more than the normal baggage.
What follows, neither expected.
How much is Marcus willing to sacrifice to be with Ella?
Can Ella open her heart, knowing she may never truly find her happy ending?


After we get our food, we park directly in front of my car, and I relax a little, but my hands are still shaking from being so nervous. I’m so hungry that I try to ignore them and eat some of my fries. I sneak a glance over at Marcus, and he’s practically inhaling his cheeseburger. I can’t help but stare at him. He turns his head and notices me.

“What? I’m hungry.”

I shake my head as I laugh. “Nothing. It’s just you’re practically inhaling that burger. Are you even chewing it?”

He snorts. “Like you can say anything. You had your burger gone by the time I put the car in park. So you must have swallowed yours whole. Did you at least taste yours?”
“Touché. And yes, I tasted it. I was starving. That happens when you throw up everything in your stomach.”
“How’s your head? Migraine still there?”
I shake my head. “No, it finally went away.”
He grins as he goes back to eating his food. I do the same, but I can’t stop from smiling.

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Lori's 5 Star review:

Wow, this book was full of emotion, all different kinds. It is a beautiful story and I loved every second of it. Third times the charm. Fate and true love always prevail imo. Marcus and Ella are meant to be together, even after only two quick encounters years apart and then meeting in an ER, a most unexpected place to find love. I always want to write so much in my review, but then that would spoil the book, and this book is definitely worth reading yourself. Thank you for allowing me to review this book.

About The Author:

Hey everyone! My name is Jasmine and I live in East Texas in a small town. I would love to tell you this great adventure about myself but it wouldn't be true so I'll stick with the boring version.
Born and raised in a small town; growing up I was more of the loaner then anything. Never dated the guy of my dreams.

But I grew up & married the perfect guy for me!

I write mainly for the fun of it & it's my stress reliever!



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