Monday, November 4, 2013

I read this a month or so ago, before I became a part of this blog team, but I wanted to put my review of it up here on our blog site.  My review is at the bottom of this post. there is a small spoiler in the review, but not so that it ruins anything.

Alert: a little spoiler in the review
OMG!!!!!!! Let me start by saying I am an "older" reader and while I have a young teenage daughter and these kinds of things go through my head daily hoping what Brad did to her would not happen to my daughter, I was very happy that Amanda seemed to get help through therapy and was able to move on with her teenage years and found a young man who cared for her very well and took their time getting to know one another. I don't like giving away spoilers but when Chris was sick for more than a few days, I got worried, really worried. And then bam, she leaves us with a HUGE cliffhanger. UGH!!! I really really love this story and cannot wait for the continuation, so hurry up Melinda!!!! Oh and Brad, he really needs to have the decency to abide Amanda's wishes and leave her alone, as much as he wants to say he's sorry. Sorry doesn't give her back what he took from her.

Waiting patiently(not--LOL) for Say Forever-the sequel to this great book!!!!!

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