Monday, January 6, 2014

Consumed by Emily Snow

Now that Lucas is back in her life, Sienna is sure the drama between them is over. But then he comes to her with a new offer: his band, Your Toxic Sequel, is going on tour and he wants her with him—working in wardrobe and as his girl.

Life on the road is a complete 180 from everything Sienna has ever known. Not only does she have to deal with Lucas’s band members, but she’s also forced to be around Cilla, the lead singer of Wicked Lambs. Still, despite horny band mates and a gorgeous rock goddess determined to sink her talons into Lucas, Sienna stays by his side.

Then the letters start to come—harassing messages from Lucas’s ex-wife, Sam.

At first, Sienna brushes them off, keeping Lucas in the dark because Sam is bad for his music. But after Sam’s contact turns personal and violent, Sienna has no other choice but to confront Lucas. If she’s ever going to understand the twisted pull Sam has on him, she has to know his secret. But when he finally reveals it, will they be able to survive the consequences? Or will it tear them apart, consuming them?

OMG!!!!!! Did not see that coming?!?! This was the best of the series. Makes me want to know if there will be more Lucas & Sienna on the horizon. Even though this book was pushed back almost a year because of red tape and then Emily trying to get it back from publishers because of problems, I wasn't disappointed in this story one bit.. Love all the hot steamy sex scenes. I don't like to give spoilers so you'll just have to pick up this amazing book to read it yourself

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